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In 2013, The Gazette changed its web access. What's behind this change?

The Gazette is the number one source of news and information in south central Wisconsin. Our award-winning news and analysis, features, opinion and photography are widely read throughout the city, county, and region.  The technological advances we have experienced have brought great convenience, literally at our fingertips in the form of smart phones, tablets and an unbelievable array of social media channels. Our readers have made it clear they want to have access to their local news and information in any form, at any time, with any frequency. We are taking this opportunity to simplify our subscription process and to make our content available in many different forms, both print and digital. To continue to invest in our journalism, and to provide readers with the depth, breadth and quality they demand — as well as additional member privileges — The Gazette has created a membership program called Gazette All Access. We are asking our subscribers to become members and contribute to online journalism to ensure that local reporting, news, and information is around for generations to come.

What is Gazette All Access?

Standard seven-day home delivery subscriptions will change to Gazette All Access "memberships." Daily/Sunday subscribers have immediate, unlimited, and exclusive access to all of our digital content and platforms along with the print subscription. As an All-Access member, you'll have the ability to receive The Gazette brand of journalism how you want it, where you want it, any time you want it. In addition to the print newspaper, your membership includes the following:

1. The e-Newspaper edition, called EGazetteOnline is included in your membership and is another way for All-Access members to view the paper on laptop, home or office computer, smart phone, or tablet each day.

2. Your membership gives you unlimited access to the most comprehensive digital platform available in the market. Get what you want, when you want it, and interact with us through in-depth databases, blogs, videos, and commentaries. Our All-Access membership offers unlimited access to our website 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

3. All-Access members receive all the latest headlines and news stories in a mobile platform, through our mobile website, easily accessible on any smart phone or tablet device. Check the weather, get detailed sports coverage, or reference your favorite topics. It's news that's portable and ready to go whenever and wherever you need it.

4. Your All-Access membership earns you rewards. You will save hundreds of dollars a year at area businesses and restaurants. Just show your Gazette Reader Rewards Card and save.

5. Keep the story going. As a member, you're able to submit comments to articles.

What is meant by a 'standard' seven-day subscription?

A standard subscription is any regular priced, carrier-delivered (not US Mail), seven-day subscription. Nonstandard seven-day subscriptions do not allow for All Access, however customers on nonstandard pricing may upgrade to receive All Access

What is the Gazette Reader Rewards Club?

The Gazette Reader Rewards Club provides great savings at local businesses and restaurants when you show your Reader Rewards Club Card. The Club benefits its members with unlimited and reusable access to discounts and deals. To qualify for the Club, become a Gazette All Access member.

How does the digital subscription work?

With a digital subscription, you will have unlimited access to all digital content, across all platforms, including seven-day home delivery. You truly get all access, and you're automatically a member in the Gazette Reader Rewards Club.

Why would I want to pay for a membership?

The Gazette's All Access membership plan provides maximum value. It's more content then we've ever published on our website before. It's more timely. Members and guests will notice stories updated throughout the day. It's more types of content. We're focusing on content that simply has not been on GzetteXtra before. Things like Sound Off, Letters to the Editor, and all the great Kicks entertainment content. We will develop new resources to produce video, user generated content, and helpful databases. At The Gazette, content is king. All of this will be available on multiple devices - smart phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. All Access membership includes seven-day print delivery, too.

What are my digital subscripton options?

There are several options. Gazette seven-day newspaper subscribers (standard) already have the digital bundle with unlimited digital access included. Simply go to options and click the 'Activate your account' link to begin. The best value is the All-Access bundle. Most current seven-day print customers will pay less than 18 cents per day extra to receive unlimited access to all Gazette content on your desktop, laptop, smart phone, tablet, and replica e-edition. And you're automatically enrolled in The Gazette Reader Rewards Club. Compare that to Digital Only subscription plans starting at $359 per year. Without digital subscription, guests will have access to some portions of our site, including the Home Page, section fronts (State News, Sports, and Blogs), Gazette Half Price Deals, Gazlo, automobiles, jobs, real estate listings, and other advertising areas. Access to Gazette premium content will be marked with a stylized logo. Members are asked to sign in. Guests will be required to sign up. Unlike some membership models, The Gazette does not offer a certain number of so-called free articles per month. Rather, guests will receive a sampling of the premium content before being prompted to log in or register.

I want digital only. What are my options?

A digital only subscription opens access to all areas of Gazette content, including the replica e-edition. This option does not include print home delivery, nor does it include membership in The Gazette Reader Rewards Club. For less than 99 cents per day, you have access to the same premium digital content available to All-Access subscribers. Add seven day print delivery and save 23 cents per day and be enrolled in The Gazette Reader Rewards Club, saving you hundreds of dollars a year more. Go to my options to learn more.

If I subscribe to print seven days per week and want online access, must I do anything?

Yes. Simply go to 'Activate my account'. Valid on accounts of standard, seven-day subscriptions.

Why do you charge less for the All Access subscriptions?

You save when you bundle. The All Access package contains everything. When you buy digital-only access, without seven-day home delivery, you pay 23 cents more per day. The advertising revenue from the pre-printed inserts helps keep the cost down. So we pass the savings along to our All Access bundle subscribers. Our digital-only subscribers do not receive the pre-printed advertisements, and therefore The Gazette does not receive revenue for delivering pre-prints to those customers. To learn more, please visit 'What are my options?'

I'm on EASYPAY. When will my charge go up?

Since EASYPAY is a monthly automatic renewal program, you will see an increase beginning with your first payment.

I get the paper on the weekends only. I get the paper on Sundays only. When will my rate go up?

Since Gazette All Access is not included with weekend or Sunday home-delivery subscriptions, renewals will continue as usual. You won't notice an increase for All Access since it's not available with a weekend or Sunday-only print delivery schedule.

What's the special rate to get the All Access bundle with my weekend or Sunday only print subscription?

To bundle All Access with a print subscription, you would receive the print Gazette service seven days per week. You pay less than 76 cents per day for everyday home delivery, unlimited access to all Gazette content on your desktop, laptop, smart phone, tablet, and replica e-edition. Plus, you're automatically enrolled in The Gazette Reader Rewards Club. You save 23 cents per day with the All Access bundle vs. digital only access.

How do I sign up for a new digital subscription?

Begin signing up by going to learn more.

How do I access my digital subscription?

Go to www.GazetteXtra.com with any device. You will be asked to log in to your account with your email address and password or subscription account number. You don't have to do anything else to access premium Gazette digital content. (First-time users who haven't yet activated: please activate by visiting here.)

Can everyone is my household use the same digital account?

Yes. However, your service will be suspended if passwords are shared with individuals outside of your immediate household.

Is access to the E-Edition included in my digital subscription?

Yes. And now The Gazette has upgraded the E-Edition to work with your smart phone or tablet.

If I only receive print, will I still get access to the E-Edition?

Go to iServices or call 608-741-6650. Tell us when you're leaving and on what date you'd like your print delivery to resume. You'll even be able to order a convenient Vacation Pack; all papers will be delivered by your carrier when you return without additional cost. On vacation, you'll continue to enjoy full online access, also for no additional charge. Stay connected with home while you're away from home. Please note: your subscription expiration date will not change.

If I have a computer at home and another at my office, do I need to purchase two digital subscriptions?

No. Just sign in using your account username and password from wherever you access the Internet.

Is the "subscribe" window a secure URL?

Yes. You'll see it's an https URL. That means it is secure.

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel your subscription at any time. When you cancel, your service stops. Afterward, we will refund any remaining balance on your account.

Will I still see free coveage of breaking news?

Yes. Breaking news will be available on our home page.

Will I be able to download your apps from iTunes or Android Market?

No apps are required. Multiple devices are able to access Gazette content without the need to download an app. It is included in the Gazette All Access subscription bundle.

I travel frequently. What happens to my digital membership when I'm away?

There is no need to place your digital membership on hold. You will have full access to all Gazette content via your laptop, smart phone, or tablet. It is available anytime, anywhere.

How do I make changes to my subscription account?

You can work with your account at manage my account.

The website looks different. Why did you change it?

The changes in content led to a more contemporary design. The technology The Gazette uses to create and manage the website and content offers a whole lot more. Since we now publish much, much more online, this led to a more modern look.

Does this mean you'll soon discontinue publishing a print newspaper?

This does not change what we do as a company or the charter we have in serving the community. The enhancements we're making to our digital products are a reflection of market demand. Readers want more content how they want it, which means on all sorts of computers and devices. This is a change in our business model. Advertisers want more solutions to grow their business. We are not forcing anyone out of print. In fact, we encourage everyone to get the paper everyday and receive the All Access bundle. Expanding our digital offerings is what our customers want. Our changes are simple. We could not afford to stop publishing the print Gazette. And it's not what our customers want.

How can you sustain charging a fee for something that has been free for so long?

Experts believe this trend will make journalism a lot stronger. Publishers will rely more on satisfying readers than on being able to sell great advertising.

How do I make GazetteXtra my home page?


Click on the small black arrow beside the house icon.

Select "Add or Change Home Page"

Select "Use this webpage as your only home page"

Click yes.

MOZILLA FIREFOX 3 (or higher):

Click on Tools, Options.

Click on the General Icon.

Where it says "Home Page:" manually type the URL (http://gazettextra.com) in the text box or you can click on the "Use Current Page" button.

Then click OK.

GOOGLE CHROME 7 (or higher):

Click on the upper right corner.

Click on the "Basics" tab.

Under "Home Page" manually type the URL (http://gazettextra.com) in the text box or you can click on the "Use Current Page" button.

Then click close.

SAFARI BROWSER 4 (or higher):

Click on "General Safari Settings" on the status menu to the far right.

Choose Preferences.

Choose the "General" icon.

In the "Home Page" box, manually type the URL (http://gazettextra.com).

Then click the red X in the upper right corner to close the window.

How do I purchase photo reprints?

You can shop for and order available reprints by clicking here.

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