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Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Dec. 18
Thumbs up to the Janesville Post Office, Will and Katie Springer. Thumbs down to dismissing Alabama election results, more Monterey Dam drama.
Our Views: Scrutiny of nonprofit pay serves the public interest
The Gazette publicized the salaries of nonprofit CEOs because nonprofits are, well, just that. They exist not to make money but to make the community a better place, often with a mission to help impoverished families and those with disabilities.
Our Views: Meet tomorrow's masters of technology
Community Elementary in Edgerton stands out as a school that makes coding part of its STEM curriculum, and we suspect it's only a matter of time before schools across the region figure out coding isn't just for computer geeks anymore.
Our Views: Janesville School Board to teachers: You pay
If the Janesville School Board were truly interested in helping teachers pay for classroom supplies, it would rework the budget and tell administrators to pick up the tab.
Our Views: Outsiders part of theme in homicides
A common thread in Janesville's two homicides this year is suspects who aren't from Janesville.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Dec. 11
Thumbs up to SHINE sticking to timelines, Hedberg Public Library. Thumbs down to taxpayer-financed harassment settlements, few people attending Medicaid hearing.
Our Views: Seclusion a tool to be used sparingly
Teachers and principals today discipline students at their own risk, and any whiff of overreaction can blow up on social media like happened in Milton.
Our Views: Outsiders get the region's story wrong again
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel became the latest publication to swoop into Rock County and deliver a bleak assessment about the region.
Our Views: A question for Janesville to consider
We examine a 2016 story in The Atlantic magazine, "Eleven signs a city will succeed," and ask the question: Is Janesville a successful city?
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Dec. 4
Thumbs up to sale of the former Chase Bank, Janesville Mall. Thumbs down to overreacting to creeper, deer carcasses littering roadways.