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Other Views: UW-Rock County will continue to thrive
Our primary goal during this restructuring is to serve our students.
Other Views: State lottery gets a gift from taxpayers
In the spirit of the holidays, state leaders gave the Wisconsin lottery a $48 million gift in the 2017-19 state budget. The gift will help keep down homeowners’ property tax bills this year and next. But it may come with several lumps of coal.
Other Views: Wildfires out West also hurt Wisconsin
Battling wildfires across America takes a toll here in Wisconsin even if those fires don't often hit close to home.
Other Views: Rock County poised to get sicker
Rock County—the home county of House Speaker Paul Ryan—is poised to get a lot sicker. This is because the House and Senate proposed tax bills would repeal the Affordable Care Act’s (aka, Obamacare’s) individual mandate.
Other Views: Civics crisis extends beyond the classroom
Lost amidst the advocacy for improved instruction is the fact that adults whose formal school days have long since passed are just as much in need of civic education.
Other Views: The festering mess that is Illinois
Don't kick 'em when they're down, the adage goes. But when it comes to Illinois—grappling with a $5 billion tax increase, an unfunded pension crisis and an exodus by businesses and residents—it's too tempting to resist.
Other Views: Girls Scouts is the right choice for girls
At Girl Scouts, we believe girls deserve their own space, not tag-along status. We believe girls deserve access to an environment where they are the sole focus; where their needs are paramount.
Other Views: Lincoln was the ideal president to proclaim the first Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving means inclusion. President Abraham Lincoln made that point profoundly during our Civil War. On Oct. 3, 1863, the White House issued the Thanksgiving Proclamation.
Other Views: Baldwin has chance to fix rigged system
The fact is the tax code pits the least fortunate against the well-connected and takes too much hard-earned money from ordinary Americans struggling to get by. In other words, the opposite of respecting and rewarding hard work.
Other Views: Restructuring UW Colleges makes sense for students
I voted for the proposal because this approach will help strengthen each two-year UW institution, and it is the fiscally responsible path to take.