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Your Views: A question to contemplate this Christmas
Is there room in my heart and yours for Christ and what Christmas is really about that money can’t buy?
Your Views: More money won't help people overcome problems
Together as a Rock County community we must find something that people will want more than each of these problems.
Your Views: New hunting rule sends wrong message to children
I was sickened and also saddened to see the photo of a very young child with a gun (Nov. 22, Page 2A) sitting next to a dead deer, which she supposedly shot and killed and was being praised for her achievement.
Your Views: Men interact with women at their own risk
A simple accusation and one’s entire life can be ruined. Simple as that.
Your Views: Taking a moment to appreciate The Gazette
This last Saturday, as I had lunch with some classmates from high school, the subject of our local paper came up. We all agreed that The Gazette is a fantastic paper.
Your Views: Gazette’s view on area jobs ‘very laughable’
We moved to Janesville in 2016 and like it here. Your paper has a real good sports coverage. Your reporting on jobs is very laughable.
Your Views: GOP tax plan could trigger huge cuts to social programs
Your Views: Rock County can do more to reduce incarceration levels

A recent editorial (“Outsiders get region's story wrong again,” Thursday) pushing back against clichéd, bleak portrayals of Rock County dives into the Vera Institute of Justice's jail incarceration data to make a worthwhile...

Your Views: Learn how to provide mental health first aid
Your Views: Defunding social programs a result of endless war
“Let there be peace on earth” was a treasured and frequently mentioned hope when I was growing up.