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Walters: Contempt referrals open new John Doe chapter
It's a good thing the term of veteran Brown County Circuit Court Judge Kendall Kelley isn't up until 2021. His latest assignment may take him years to complete.
Walters: Schimel touts his conservative credentials in re-election bid
The 52-year-old conservative seems poised to run on his—and not Democrats’—terms. He was elected in 2014 with 51 percent of the vote.
Cyr: Native Americans have long history of supporting US military causes
Native Americans, along with members of other ethnic and racial minorities, played a crucial role in our total military victory in World War II.
Bremel: Let’s finally stop arguing about ‘Merry Christmas’
I use “Happy holidays” and “Merry Christmas” interchangeably. I struggle to find how that makes me a bad Christian, but some people suggest it does.
Walters: No denying sex plays role in Capitol chemistry
About 20 years ago, a UW-Madison student with a part-time job as a state Senate messenger asked to talk to her instructor after class.
Walters: Elections panel proves it needs three more staffers
The most battle-tested officials in state government over the last seven years are those that work with the 1,853 local clerks to oversee elections.
Walters: No playbook, precedent for 16-candidate primary
You’re a Democrat planning to run for governor? Take a number. The line forms on the left.
John W. Eyster: 500th anniversary of "95 Theses"
John W. Eyster: 500th anniversary of
Tradition teaches that on October 31, 1517, Dr. Martin Luther, posted “95 Theses” on the door of the All Saints' Church, Wittenberg, Germany.
Walters: Why Cross wants universities, two-year colleges to merge
For more than a year, UW System President Ray Cross and administrators looked at options for the 13 two-year colleges that help anchor smaller communities, such as Rice Lake, Baraboo, Richland Center and Marshfield.
John W. Eyster: What's the dual significance of October 9?
Next Monday, October 9 is a SPECIAL DAY because it is the LEGAL FEDERAL HOLIDAY: Columbus Day AND the FEDERAL OBSERVANCE: Leif Erikson Day.

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John W. Eyster: 500th anniversary of "95 Theses"
John W. Eyster: The dual significance of October 9
John W. Eyster: How will Foxconn fare in Wisconsin?